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October 1-3rd, 2021

Invitation - download PDF file

Official shuttles - FZ Forza VIP

CLOSING DATE – August 31st, 2021



Important COVID 19 rules for safe tournament!

1. Entrance to the sports hall will be only on the basis of the registration tape/bracelet on the hand. It is not possible to step on a match without a bracelet. The bracelet will be handed over by the organizer only on the basis of the completed registration list.
2. It is mandatory to cover nose and mouth during the tournaments. The mask can only be put down when you are about to start your match.
3. It will not be possible to use changing rooms for changing and showering during tournaments.
4. Entry to the hall is possible 1 hour before the start of the matches. After the match, you must leave the hall within 30 minutes after the end of the match.
5. Umpire referees will be from the semi-final matches. Up to semi-finals there will be no umpires. The scoresheet will be prepared on the court where players need to write down the result and bring it to the referee. Misunderstandings will be resolved by the Referee.
6. Each player is entitled to have only one coach during the match.
7. There will be different entrance for spectators than the entrance for players and coaches.